When Fejká launched his first studio album, Reunion last year listeners were quick to point out his eclecticism. With the release, the German electronic music producer cemented his style with sounds that are at once ethereal and dynamic, celestial but also very much grounded on the dancefloor. Fejká’s latest single, ‘Unfold’ continues to walk the tenuous line between introspection and expression, with wondrous melodies and driving beats. The track is restrained and subtle, taking mind and soul on a journey without climaxes or extremes. There’s a sense of warmth to Fejká’s compositions, which somehow approximate electronic soundscapes to something very personal, folksy even. “I think it’s important to always try out new sounds to keep the creative flow in my head alive. It feels satisfying to release something different and new because it helps me shape my music taste to an open-minded but still focused sound,” says the producer about his new track. ‘Unfold’ is definitely open-minded; moods, emotions and colours unfold with such nuance that pigeonholing the track in any specific genre is impossible. What’s absolutely clear though, is Fejká’s development and maturing into a producer who is increasingly confident to delve into an ever vaster range of emotions.